“Brado, a company that cares. With 40 years of strong family history, Brado is a company that looks well beyond product, and traces strong interpersonal values as the core of its business.”

Priding itself on innovation, Brado has constantly adapted and created to the ever changing tapestry that is commercial furniture. Being a market leader in the development of seating, Brado emphasises the importance of not only speaking of the next big thing, but also, making sure they are the ones to create it.

With the company being a large supplier for many different designers, it would be easy to evolve into an automated system, taking away the personality of the company. For Brado, this isn’t the case, always giving their full attention and presence to any client they consider themselves lucky to be working with.

Specialising in free standing chairs and complete fit outs, Brado has evolved the field of office seating over the past four decades, aiding the comfortability and satisfaction of workers all over the world.

Howgroup is honoured to work with such a forward thinking, innovative and supportive company, and has maintained a strong relationship with the company in the past, which will lead into the future.