“They can transform a lifeless space into a living, breathing environment.”

High quality and beautiful design, Laine is a company with impeccable style and attention to detail when it comes to fabrics and textiles. With its focus on the client, Laine is also a company that cares deeply for their employees, valuing their opinion on every step of the process.

With an emphasis on providing a material with a difference, the comapny believes that higher quality can bring with it a variety of different advantages. Office necessities such as warmth in environment, increased performance for employees and a creation of ambiance and atmosphere, it is no wonder the company has been going for such a period of time.

Being a family owned business, Laine understands the importance of valuing people and recognising contribution, complementing each employee on their involvement in the design process.

Providing class and clarity every step of the way, Howgroup is delighted to be able to associate with such a wonderful company, and looks forward to the continued support into the future.