“Laminex believes that good design makes good living.”

Being a local company, Laminex is highly regarded in their field of decorative surfaces due to their consistently high quality product and design.

With over 80 years of knowledge and design expertise, Laminex has had a form commitment to quality since its inception. Being able to hand craft a variety of different product for individual wants and needs, Laminex has the heart and mind of the client in their sight.

Having the ability to draw upon over 400 different decors, Laminex continues to lead with strength in the ability to individually craft products for clients. Being able to utilise the best of materials such as solid colouring, woodgrains, stone and minerals – it is no wonder the company has been able to thrive over its long history, and remain a leader of its craft.

Howgroup is excited about the future with such a wonderful organisation such as Laminex, and will continue to uphold the standard set by both companies moving forward.