“Sheer working pleasure, Sunon office furniture.”

Sunon is one of the largest manufacturing / design companies in the world of commercial furniture. The Chinese company, specialising in a variety of different product, has been as strong presence in the field since its inception in 1991.

Producing furniture from Seating to cabinetry, Sunon is the jack of all trades, applying precision and care into each product. Although being a large company, Sunon prides itself on being able to inspect and analyse each item they on sell, due to the fact they complete all of their manufacturing on site in their warehouse in Hangzhou, China.

Sleek design, practicality and sustainability are three pillars the company prides itself on, ensuring the longevity and style of each office space it supplies product too. Being more than just commercial furniture, the company also works tirelessly in property development, gaining a better understanding of space and practicality of a workplace.

Howgroup is proud to be one of a large variety of companies working closely with Sunon to achieve the goal of supplying on the best product to industry leading companies around the world.