“Teknion started with three employees working in 3,000 square feet of space to produce a single product: T/O/S, an innovative response to the emergence of technology in the workplace.”

It was a bold move, but founder Saul Feldberg had the vision to see opportunity in new patterns of living and working just taking shape in the early 1980s. David Feldberg – who shared his father’s entrepreneurial spirit – soon joined the fledgling company and Teknion took off.

As president and CEO of Teknion, David Feldberg’s approachable, collaborative leadership style set the tone for Teknion’s culture as the company grew to become an international presence. Under David’s leadership, Teknion also became a company passionate about design.

Early on, David championed the potential of design and began to form ties with leading architects and designers. Design became an integral part of Teknion’s culture, recognized as a way of thinking and a powerful tool with which to shape a better world. Teknion believes that design does matter.

As a private, family owned company, Teknion’s core values naturally emerged from those held by the Feldberg family. The principles of integrity and trust,  sustainability and service, inform our culture and Teknion’s evolution as a family of curated brands.

From the beginning, Teknion has moved forward along a path to environmental and social performance. We understand sustainability as a basic tenet of good design. Sustainable principles guide the way we do business and govern our conduct every day.

At Teknion, the concept of sustainability embraces global ecology, healthy communities, corporate responsibility and wellness in the built environment. We are proud to have served as a strategic partner in helping customers create healthy work-spaces that drive productivity, along with LEED® and WELL certification.

Understanding our customer is a first priority. As co-creators, our job is to listen and respond to each customer’s unique purposes, problems and goals. We want to know who you are, who you want to be, and how your work gets done.