“Founded in 1966, Warwick fabrics has been an industry leader in the expansion and cultivation of the highest quality in office materials. Being Melbourne based, the company has worked both locally and internationally in the pursuit of honing their craft.”

Being an industry leader not only in the proximity of Australia, but also globally, Warwick has worked diligently in their pursuit to craft only the best quality product imaginable. Bold in its use of colour and texture, this formally boutique company has out-classed many of its competitors through its consistency to find the next step in the expansion of the industry.

With a keen eye for simplicity, Warwick does not rest on the idea of creating product that is overwhelming, but rather, aesthetically pleasing to the consumer. With dominance in markets such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK, it is no wonder this company is in high demand to partner with

Howgroup is lucky to be able to work closely with such an esteemed company as Warwick, and eagerly anticipates a long healthy relationship lasting well into the future.