Nov 15, 2018

“Howgroup is excited to introduce a newly developed product to our fine line of Workstations. Constructed to maximise both worker interaction as well as providing a nuanced style of elegance and class, the Howspace workstation is an essential item to any office space…”

Complete in its finish, this workstation offers a variety of different advantages to any workplace, being able to give employees the freedom of open communication, whilst also encouraging independent working with the divided screens down the middle of the table.

Although noticeable, it is worth noting that this design does not overpower the room, with the subtly of each individual component of the work station working seemingly with one and other.

Available in a variety of different designs, the Howspace is adaptable to the way it needs to fit within your workplace, offering a wide variety of options when it comes to selecting your next workstation.

Howgroup is excited to manufacture such an incredible piece of office furniture, and are excited about its functionality within the real world of offices.