by Markant



For many business’, it is essential to be able to have eyes on all levels of their organisation in one centralised location.  With this system of observation being typically used for security measures, the safety of your company is in no better hands than with the 24/7 by Markant.

Markant supports and oversees the entire process from the concept phase up to the design and delivery of the control/dealing room. The ‘Research and Development’ department at Markant uses the programme of requirements to compile a draft design.As a result, the finalised design is then brought to life through fine tuning its end purpose, as well as its direct need to the market.

With the ability to be able to use multiple monitors in a central setting, the 24/7 by Markant will be sure to cater for all your needs.  With adjustable screens and a minimalist design approach, the 24/7 is an outstanding product for any company.