A Pod

by Markant



Starting a new generation of space conscious working, the A Pod by Markant will sure to be a key feature in the modern office.  With its acoustic values, as well as its obvious phone box type frame, the A Pod is one of the most innovative in modern workstation design.

The A-Pods are made with resonators that are acting like low frequency noise traps. It can absorb sound with a frequency of 250 – 500 up to 1000 hertz.
As seen in the measurements, the resonators show a better result in total sound loss compared to the one without resonators.

The resonators do not only absorb high frequencies, also low frequencies are being absorbed. Absorption of low frequencies is very important for human health as they can cause a headache.

A room within a room for private conversations.  The Hybrid A pod comes in 4 sizes for Private phone rooms to meeting rooms.