by Fantoni



Atelier by Fantoni is a highly flexible furniture solution created in response to situations of constant flux within the workplace. In response to current trends in office culture, Atelier successfully combines numerous space-related functions, offering functional durability and economic efficiency.

The modular structure easily adapts to technological advances and to the demands of a constantly-evolving world of work. The extremely innovative system comprises four main elements: a configurable workstation, an equally configurable 105-cm-high multifunctional collaboration table, a family of dynamic storage units complete with mobile pin board and a bookcase/storage system.

The collaboration tables and touchdown tables speak of configurability in the workplace, but above all of shared work, multifunctionality, informality at work, teamwork and efficiency. They create immersive experiences and are all about innovative ideas and change, which does not take place on its own, and needs to be encouraged and facilitated.

This unit will be sure to become a key focal point of any office setting.