by Actiu



The Audit by Actiu is one of the more advanced auditorium seating options in the market.  With its study exterior matched only with its stunning finish in material, the Audit will be a premiere option for any space.

Designed with a new seat programme for auditoriums, theatres and conference centres, designed by Alegre IndustrialTM and Actiu Resource and Department – this chair is one of the most technologically advanced of its kind.

Also utilising Fire Barrier Seat and back, moulded polyurethane self-extinguishing foam, with ergonomic volume and great comfort. Wide variety of finishes. M1 and M2 fire barrier. Adapted Models can be adapted to different lineal or curved layouts, according to regulations of use.

The Audit is surely one of the finer pieces of seating you could ask for, with its stunning finish and its practicality, this will be sure to be an favourite for those lucky enough to experience its ultimate comfort.