by CMS



The CMS Dynamo is a dynamic monitor arm intuitively designed to deliver seamless handling across installation, mounting and adjusting. Suitable for any office space, the CMS Dynamo works with the user, with the capability of adjustability as you work.
Developed to move with you, Dynamo effortlessly rotates, pivots and extends, enabling tool-less and absolute adjustment to minimise eye and posture strain. By being able to move as you move, it aids in the ability to work comfortably, and not adjust your body around a rigid design, helping posture and strain at the desk.
Available in White or Black, the simplistic finish of this monitor arm will fit into any office space with ease. The detachable VESA mounting plate is easily adaptable to support Laptops, MacBook, Thin-Client PC and Tablets, making it ideal for a host of applications, from commercial workstations, home office, retail and general areas requiring continual adjustment.