by ThinkingWorks



Work the way that works for you. It’s time to get moving. The Elevation height-adjustable workstation and table system is here to expand your possibilities, with the flexibility to suit every requirement.
From robust workstations – covering individual, back-to-back, shared and 120 degree styles – to innovative meeting tables, Elevation is beautifully designed to let you sit, stand and work in comfort. So you can move more, and do more.
With cutting-edge features like its wrap-around screen, flat foot design, and a multitude of customisable options to cover all ergonomic demands, Elevation is a workspace transformer.
The Elevation offers workplaces a versatile alternative for encouraging both open communication whilst also being able to ensure workers have the privacy needed to work independently. With its screen dividing feature, the elevate makes it easier than ever to ensure a clean and punctual workstation.