How Disc

by How



Immaculate in design, the How disc table offers a solution to the age old issue of creating a functional working platform for a variety of different uses. The nature of the How disc is to offer a functional alternative for meetings, dining and breakout uses.
Alterations are available for the How Disc, being capable of manufacturing in both circular and square bases, with finishes available in the shape of Anodised or mild steel. Also available is a wide range of powder-coated colour schemes. With the structure being made from Stainless steel, the longevity of the product is guaranteed with quality design and finish.
Available in a range of sizes for their table tops, the specifications are interchangeable to include Laminate, veneer of solid surface material. Functional for any office need you may have, the How Disc is a wonderful alternative to the generic table tops and workstations used for these meetings.