Longo (Workstation)

by Actiu



Timeless in design, the Longo is a product of the highest quality. With everlasting features and longevity in functionality, the workstation is best suited for a corporate, government or educational environment. Constructed with steel framework, the Longo is available in either white or black powder coating, adding a touch of simple elegance to the design. Accompanied by a 10 year mechanical warranty, you can have peace of mind when it comes to the longevity of ensuring this product will enhance your business productivity without breaking down. With the sit-to-stand ability, the Longo will undoubtedly improve the productivity and health of your employees, with its purpose being to ensure a positive work energy amongst employees. The Longo is one of the finest work stations available, and will be sure to add not only class to your office fa├žade, but also, productive and happy workers around the office.