by Actiu



Collaborative seating at its finest, the Longo by Actiu has endless possibilities in both its presentation as well as its functionality. The flexibility of this seating option is one of its biggest draws, with users being able to shape and shift the seating to fit their needs.
Not only is the shifting adjustable, but also, the support of the piece. The Longo is available with no back, a medium back and alternate seating, offering various levels of support for the user.

Not only available as a lounge seating option, the Longo can also be collaborated into Pod formation. Bold Aesthetic and Unique Profile, Longo is a workpoint system built for the user. Longo forms collaborative workbenches, desks and tables with a bold aesthetic and unique leg profile, making it stand out from a traditional bench-style workpoint.
This type of seating is best suitable for breakout areas both in a workplace or school, being multifunctional in its purpose to these industries – adding comfortability with practicality when it comes to seating and working.