by Actiu



The Mobility by Actiu is a conceptual masterpiece executed to perfection.  This height adjustable workstation solution is simple in its design, but complicated in its execution, with its unique ability to be whatever you need it to be.

Mobility, a concept offering both a height adjustable or fixed desk, which synchronously manages your health whilst you work. Working standing up for a few hours of the workday not only has a positive effect on health and well-being, but also improves productivity and the ability to concentrate.

The mobility comes with a program of fixed and height adjustable tables, through electronic, mechanical and crank lifting systems. Mobility also creates stimulating office environments that promote creativity and collaboration. Mobility is flexible, versatile and receptive

Not only this, the Mobility is the solution for work spaces that guarantee success. Giving support to multiple cultures and work styles. The height of each desk can be regulated in an independent way. Mobility promotes individual welfare and development.

The Mobility by Actiu is inadvertently a problem solver for many different office spaces struggling with not only space, but also efficiency so far as work place functionality.