by Markant



The Oxidesk is a compact flexible workstation that allows users to combine various office tasks with a healthy amount of physical exercise in an efficient way. The Oxidesk is equipped with a unique exercise motion that feels very naturally.
The movement of the legs is easily maintained unconsciously, allowing the users to do their work without distraction. Using the Oxidesk helps fight overweight, obesity, back problems and RSI. A session on the Oxidesk helps to get the bloodstream flowing again, mobilises the back and refreshes.

So working on the Oxidesk isn’t just good for your health. It improves the quality of your work as well. By using the Oxidesk as a flexible work station, up to 20 colleagues can profit from the advantages of working and moving at the same time. The Oxidesk uses little expensive office space.
Due to the friendly and presentable appearance, the Oxidesk will blend in almost anywhere.