by Pedrali



The idea behind Panarea is rooted in the Mediterranean coastline, and in the colours and refreshing breeze of an outdoor dinner on a sea-facing terrace. An armchair featuring a traditional element in polypropylene cord hand-woven in Italy that wraps around the Ø 20 mm steel tube frame. Seat cushion in dry-feel polyurethane foam, covered in fabric made from the same yarn used for the woven element.

The Panarea collection of outdoor seats, including an armchair and a lounge armchair, consist of a tubular metal frame on which it is woven, in rope, with a light triangular motif, a wide and welcoming backrest. The main feature of the Panarea collection is the lightness of the objects, but also the lightness of the time it arouses. The preciousness, typical of the slow dexterity that has woven it, is transmitted to the duration of being, to relaxing. The weaving technique expresses a solid link between Nature and artifact, in fact the primitive man developed it starting from the observation of the construction techniques of the animal kingdom. The weaving technique appears in similar forms regardless of the different cultures in which it is practiced, and gives the object an archaic familiarity.