by Pedrali



Social by Pedrali plays right into its name, with its primary function being a couch for people to come and socialise with ease, comfort and joy. Being capable of many different finishes, Social’s curvy exterior is ready to host any public event.
With its curving reaching rom 45-60 degrees, its elegant design is made even more picturesque with its leg stands only being situated at the end of each couch. The steel frame and die-casted aluminium legs, powder coated or polished finish allows the couch to stand on its own, not drawing attention from the exquisite design completed my Pedrali.
Along with the beautiful design, the seating option has a turning tablet available if necessary. Upholstered in either fabric or leather, the Social plays on a three seated look, meaning that there is plenty of room for a variety of people to be able to enjoy its style and elegance.