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studio 103



“In January of 2015, two brothers from the countryside of Australia launched the very first version of A Cloud Guru, and it went crazy…… And it's been crazy ever since.”
Sam used the latest technologies from Amazon and built an entirely 'serverless' system making A Cloud Guru the world's first serverless startup. What companies spend years building using traditional server based architectures, Sam built in less than 30 days.

howgroup in conjunction with studio 103 have collaborated to construct with Consult Construction, to deliver a supportive workplace to underpin and express the dynamic thinking values of the company to inspire both employees and clients alike.
Collaboration spaces working in seamlessly with privacy communication areas, styled by the designers in a blend of cool & warm rooms to suit the conversation activity.
Resulting in a stunning refreshing workplace, employee workstations being the latest Sit 2 Stand howgroup model, providing the maximum ergonomic experience.


600 St Kilda Rd Fitout


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