MLC Dr Wood Learning Centre


McIldowie Partners

"This redevelopment goes hand-in-hand with a two-year research and redesign of the Year 9 curriculum. As part of this research, Year 9 students were engaged for their insight as to how they feel they best learn, which has influenced the internal redesign of Wood. Through a series of workshops, students and teachers developed an Educational Rationale to ensure the clear interaction of learning design meeting architectural design.”

Howgroup wish to acknowledge and thank McIldowie Partners and MLC for the excellent collaboration in the early stages of the project, workshopping the new ideas and valuable input from students & teaching staff key user groups to deliver a custom made furniture solution to underpin the vision of the school to project students into the highest learning environment possible.

Australian made joinery and upholstery production is a key requirement and feature of the design, international partners *Pedrali and *Actiu provided standard products with custom Australian materials and fabrics to compliment, the outdoor learning area is a first.


Sinclair Brook

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