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"A Cause created to enrich the mental wellbeing of the men of Australia, Movember is a non-for-profit aiming to change the lives of Australians. With the mantra it's okay to not be okay, Movember foundation will continue to empower the youth of this nation to make change with their redeveloped office space."

It’s not everyday you are given the opportunity to work with one of the most successful charitable causes in the nation, an opportunity we were afforded by the Movember Foundation.  Working closely with designer CIA Design, as well as Builder Silk Projects – the finish at the Movember Foundation in Richmond was one all parties were satisfied with.

With the ambition of using natural lighting to accentuate the natural finished furniture options provided, all parties worked off each others own expertise to be able to create a working environment that felt like home – ensuring employee comfortability.  Not only comfortable, the spacious design accompanied with the focus of working closely with one and other meant that the workplace has large potential for growth moving into the future.

Utilising products such as the How Sit-to-Stand, Patra’s Task Chairs, Alaskan sliding door storage units, and a beautifully finished conference table in the How Breakout meant that only the highest quality products were used in order to execute the desired look of this amazing company.

We absolutely cherished the opportunity to work with a variety of consummate professionals, and are privileged to have been able to help the functionality of such a wonderful cause as the Movember Movement.


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