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“An Industry leader in education, Red Hill Education has spent years providing the best opportunities possible for both national and international students along the east coast of Australia.”

Combining with the expertise of CIA Design, we were able to manifest a workstation that both challenged and inspired both student and teacher in order work toward the high standards set by Red Hill.

In collaboration with the client, Project managers and CIA, Howgroup managed the design, manufacturing, installation and fit for the entire job. Not only this, but we ensured that every small detail was under the budget the client asked for, ensuring a smooth process throughout proceedings.

Dynamic Furniture systems have the ability to offer great stability for teacher student relationships, as they take the routine out of regular classroom learning, and engage all parties in being the best versions of themselves they can be. Not only this, but the inclusion of open collaborative spaces means that students can conduct both private and group study sessions with ease.

The space created for Redhill Education is one of great innovation and progression, helping the company engage with students as they advance their education in the quest to find a job. Working closely with a variety of fantastic organisations meant that the project was well manicured in all facets of production, resulting in a happy client by the completion of the project.


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