12 Selbourne Rd, Kew



“Working with one of Victoria’s most outstanding girls schools in Ruyton Girls, Howgroup embarked on the journey to provide the most professional, but also most insightful workstations possible.”

Aiding the process of moulding the minds of the future, Howgroup placed a strong emphasis on developing an innovative campus encompassing the notion of a Real world Learning Environment to their students.

Reconstructing areas such as teacher’s offices, café areas and their science building, this job required approximately 480 chairs, 65 meeting tables, 70 work stations and 55 units of steel and 45 ottoman units.

These contemporary work and relax stations significantly benefit further learning of each student, affording each one the ability to work collectively or independently in these newly redesigned work places.

In the 6 week lead time given for this job, Howgroup was able to execute the idea presented to us, by giving Ruyton Girls School an atmosphere for their girls to flourish in and out of the classroom.




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