Level 1, 460 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC





One of the States youngest premier real estate companies, Sinclair Brook Group asked for an office that would fit their business motif, timeless and sleek. Creating an environment that would best allow employees to continue to thrive in the real estate industry was one achieved by Howgroup in this fit.

Being able to partner with one of the most successful real estate companies in the city was a great opportunity to add a touch of class and style to an already trending company such as Sinclair Brook Group.  Partnering the project with the design expertise of D-arc, the finished product at Sinclair was one of pure class, a motif desired by the client.

With the idea of longevity at the forefront of the mind, our fit out of Sinclair took a minimalist approach to ensuring all workers have the ability to conduct not only independent work, but also follow the trend of Activity Based Working.  Not only this, the addition of a new meeting room table and seating allows the company to be able to host meetings with both clients and employees, and do so in style.

Being able to call upon high quality product such as the How Sit to stand, Patra’s high class Task chair, and how storage units, allowed the fit out to hit the desired look of being minimalist whilst also keeping the touch of class the company holds itself to.  

Working with both client and designer was a great learning opportunity for us, and we enjoyed the process of making sure everything the client asked for was received promptly and to their liking.



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