Ballarat, Victoria


Baumgart Clark



Being the states oldest institution, Victoria Police works tirelessly to ensure our streets are safe and our lives are enhanced, a brief to which Howgroup executed when creating the right environment for their new office fit in Ballarat.

Given the opportunity to create a modern space for the men and women of Victoria Police has been a great thrill for the company.  Combining the need for both practicality and a place to escape, we worked closely with designer Baumgart Clarke to ensure the space fit the needs of Vic Police to a tee.

Given the magnitude of the job, we worked diligently with both client and designer to ensure that the needs of the employees were at the forefront of mind, making sure the work area has the ability to be sustainable well into the foreseeable future.  In doing so, we were also able to combine our knowledge of work space uniformity with Baumgart Clark’s obvious design excellence.

Fitted out with a variety of how products such as the How Sit to stand, corporate seating options, storage and meeting table options, this workspace was a perfect fit for only the highest quality of product and design.

The experience of being able to work with some of the hardest working men and women around was one we cherished as a company, and ensured that the duty of care and responsibility of creating a holistic / welcoming environment was executed to the desires of the client.


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