May 4, 2020

The crisis around Covid-19 (Corona) has taught us how vulnerable we are and how quickly a virus spreads. Returning to the situation in which the office is well occupied again brings with it some challenges. How can a workplace be set up in such a way that the chances of infection are kept to a minimum?

At howgroup, we like to think along with you

Healthy working is a very important theme for us and perhaps even more important now than ever. Fortunately, choices made in the past, taken with ergonomic considerations in mind, are also perfectly applicable in the office of the future.

Hybrid Wing

With our wing desk we can create 3 workplaces on 1 block where the users are at a distance of about 2 meters and still able to communicate with each other.

Partition wall for extra protection

The 1.20M high partition wall does not only provide a barrier, but also contains all the technology of these sit/stand workstations. This creates a desk without a jumble of cables underneath. This not only looks tidy, but makes it also easier to clean underneath.