JUL 06, 2020

“Sustainability efforts are no longer a niche offering by companies looking to expand their customer base”

With the climate-change crisis now looming over all aspects of life, sustainability efforts are no longer a niche offering by companies looking to expand their customer base. Eco-conscious products—no matter the brand, no matter the industry—are now expected by consumers. We’ve seen the fashion industry take several strides toward reducing its carbon footprint over the last few seasons, but what do some of these sustainability efforts look like within the interior design industry?

Many textiles—particularly those intended for use in home environments—are treated and finished with chemicals and other environmentally unfriendly substances in order to increase their functionality. That said, a few innovative brands are rethinking these old ways. Here you’ll find eight fabrics that are trying to save the world.


RE-WOOL, one of textile manufacturer Kvadrat’s many commitments to sustainability, is made with 45 percent recycled wool. The non-recycled wool gives the fabric its color, while the recycled portions reduce its environmental impact, since it has already been treated and processed. As such, the costs and emissions associated with transportation, farming, and dyeing are taken out of the equation completely.

As Re-wool is made with 45% recycled wool – the non-recycled wool infuses the textile with the vibrant colour – it reduces environmental impact. The recycled fibres have already been processed and thereby, it takes farming, transportation, scouring and dyeing out of the equation. In January 2019 Re-wool was awarded with the Wallpaper* design award in the category ‘Best re-purpose’